RoboWarriors - Team Policies

All WHRHS Rules and Regulations apply in addition to these specific team policies.
Standard Meeting Regulations:
  • Robotics meetings during the week start at 2:45PM. If you plan on attending after 2:45PM, you will need a note from a parent or teacher to participate.
  • Students are not allowed in the room without a mentor present. Someone will typically post a message about a late start on the team Google group. If this is the case, the team should wait at the tables outside of the main office, until an advisor arrives.
  • You are responsible for checking your email and posts on our Google Group. Signing up for the email blasts was part of the new member registration. This is how the team communicates outside of meetings.
  • You are not allowed in the shop without passing the safety quiz. If you disregard this rule without advisor consent, you will lose shop privileges. *Note that the safety quiz does not give you access to the tools. You will need to be trained and take other quizzes on different machines. Passing this quiz means you know how to act safely in a shop environment.
  • Food/Drink are not allowed anywhere in room 4. Some students have allergies and this rule is meant to prevent incident. Please be mindful of your fellow teammates.
  • Each piece of machinery has a quiz associated with it. If you are interested in using a machine, you should ask a captain for a demonstration. Once given a demo, you will need to pass a machine specific quiz and have a supervised run before given access for consistent use.
  • You are responsible for the material and tools you use in the shop. Do not leave a meeting without cleaning up after yourself. If you no longer need a tool, put it away even if you are still working. Don’t wait until the end of a meeting. You will be more productive if you are working in a clean space. If you find something you don’t recognize or don’t know where a tool belongs, ask a captain for clarification. *Ordering parts has been put on hold in the past, due to neglecting this policy.
  • Using a tool outside of its intended use is prohibited. If you are caught purposely misusing or abusing equipment, you will be removed from the team. Second chances after creating a dangerous environment for other students will not be granted.
  • You should not work beyond the back of the machine shop walls. This area is for storage only. If you have something to work on that doesn't require machines, you should bring it to the front of the room. You should only be in the shop if you are using machines.
  • The bathroom in the back of room 4 and the loft is off limits to students. If you need something from the loft, ask an advisor.
  • If you are attending a meeting, you should stay in room 4. If you have to go to the bathroom, ask an advisor first. Do not go outside of room 4 by the parking lot unless you speak to an advisor beforehand.
  • It is up to the student to be productive during our meetings. Advisors will encourage students to get involved, but a member’s initiative will determine how much they get out of the experience. In previous years, veteran members have been more than willing to teach new members and involve them in projects. Don’t be shy! If you feel you are not getting a fair opportunity to participate, please let an advisor know.
  • If you choose to do anything inappropriate while at robotics, the advisors reserve the right to tell you to leave the meeting. Being a part of the team is a privilege, and there will be zero tolerance for students who chose to act in a way that could ruin the experience for the rest. Depending on the severity of the act, school administrative punishment may also be a consequence to poor decisions.
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Additional Build Season Rules:
  • All FIRST forms must be completed online before the start of build season.
  • In order to be eligible for competitions, you will need to accumulate a set number of hours. That information can be found under the competition eligibility section. The time you dedicate to robotics will be logged for this reason. It is your responsibility to remember to log in and out. Forgetting to logout will erase your hours for that day. More information about this will be discussed during build season.
  • There will be three designated times you can leave a meeting - the 4:00PM bus, 5:30PM (before dinner) and the end of the meeting. End of meeting times will remain variable, so if your ride does not have a flexible schedule, you should leave the meeting at 5:30PM. If you stay for dinner, the earliest you will be allowed to leave is 8:00PM
  • We will all eat as a team in the south cafeteria. You will not be able to go back and forth to the shop unless there are multiple advisors at the meeting.
  • The back office will be used to store food/drink that do not require refrigeration. This is not an invitation to eat/drink in room 4. This rule is intended to reduce waste and store commonly needed items.
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Competition Regulations:
  • Permission slips for events must be completed on time. WHRHS requires forms for trips of 30 students or more to be submitted to the nurse's office 21 days in advance. Late slips will not be accepted. Permission slips will always be available on our website well in advance of this due date. Make sure all fields are filled out correctly, especially the health conditions section. If you have a documented condition and don’t specify on the form, you can slow the clearance process down and jeopardize your eligibility for that event.
  • We travel to and from events as a team. You are expected to ride the bus with the team to and from events. We understand that certain situations sometimes need to take priority over the trip. If you wish to arrive late to an event, or leave early, the proper paperwork must be completed by the permission slip due date. This paperwork is approved by the co-curricular supervisor.
  • If you are arriving late to a competition, you must check in with an advisor once there. We must have an accurate list of students at the event. If you are leaving the competition early, a parent must come inside the building to pick you up. If you decide to leave a competition without the proper paperwork submitted, and are not leaving for a family related emergency, you will forfeit your event eligibility for the remainder of the year.
  • Unity as a team is important in both the shop and at competitions. Wearing work shirt at events helps to show we represent WH Team 41. Please don’t wear other apparel, even other clothing sold through our fundraiser. The work shirt is our team uniform.
  • When at the event venue, you are only allowed to be in the designated event areas. You should only leave the building with the team at the end of the event and in the case of an emergency. If there is an emergency, you should find the rest of the team as soon as you are out of the building.  
  • At competitions, there are plenty of opportunities to talk to other teams, look at other robots, eat, etc. However, it is required that you are in the stands to cheer on our robot when in play. It is your responsibility to know the match schedule. The FRC Spyder App in the iTunes and android store works well for this purpose. Your design captain will also assign you robots to collect data on during the competition. You should not miss those matches either.
  • Work in the pit will be regulated by the team captain(s). Time sensitive work will be divied up by the discipline specific captains. The members that have worked on the robot the most during build season have priority in the pit area. They will be the most effective in a high pressure situation. Captains are responsible for getting new members pit experience when available. If poor decisions are being made in the pit, advisors will regulate it for the rest of the event. Smart and collaborative decisions need to be made at competitions. Sacrifices should not be made on the field because of impulsive decisions.
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Competition Eligibility Requirements:
Below are the basic requirements for competition eligibility. Fulfilling requirements will qualify a student for an event, but attendance will be subject to advisor approval.
Event: Requirements:
District Events Minimum 12 hours per week - 60 Total Hours
MAR Championship 75 total hours & 2 days of districts
FRC Championship 90 total hours/Top 30 students & allowed days of MAR Champs
  • Hour free Wednesday - We will not be logging hours on Wednesdays during build season. Students that show up to work are there knowing that time spent is not contributing to their hour count. This gives students an opportunity to schedule other responsibilites around build season without impacting their hour accumulation.
  • Attendance at events is subject to adviser approval & good academic standing. No late arrival or early leave for MAR Champs unless it is for another WHRHS event. No late arrival or early leave for FRC Champs. Permission Slips and other required documentation must be turned in on time!
  • Students attending MAR Championships will be split into two groups. One group will attend Thursday, the second will attend Friday, and all eligible for the event will attend Saturday.
    • Drive team and captains will attend all three days of MAR Championships.
  • There is a 30 member cap for FRC Championships. The 30 students with the most hours will be given 1st opportunity.
Do not stop logging build season hours during the 5 week period!

Specific situations that arise during build season which impact a student’s hours/eligibility will be addressed on a case by case basis at the discretion of team advisers and school administrators.

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