General Information:


Meetings are held every Thursday after school in room 4. If you are going to arrive later than 2:45 PM, please have a note from a teacher or parent. We will have our first new member meeting at the beginning of September. Please listen for the exact date during morning announcements. We will also attend an event during the pre-season, called Brunswick Eruption. This is a one-day event that will give new members competition experience in preparation for our later events.

Regular Season:

  • Build Season – Starts at the beginning of January with the FIRST Robotics Kickoff/Game Reveal. We have approximately 6 weeks to finish the build. Stop build day falls in the middle of February. The team will meet Monday-Saturday during this time.
  • Competition Season –¬†Our official first competition date varies every year, but usually is held during the beginning of March. Competitions extend through the end of April. Every year, we are guaranteed to compete in two local (district) competitions. We can advance to District Championships and then FRC Championships if we qualify.


We go back to weekly meetings during the post-season. Our team banquet is held during this time, usually mid-May. We will take this time to prep for the following year’s pre-season.

Please reference our Team Calendar for information regarding meetings, events, and competitions.