Below are the guidelines for build season hours, competition eligibility, and check in / check out protocol. Please make sure you read all information carefully.

You are responsible for logging in and out each build season meeting. Informing an adviser that you forgot to do so will not change your total or resulting eligibility for competitions. The software we use to log hours will erase time accumulated from your last log in if you forget to log out. If you are caught checking in / out another member that is not at the current meeting, you will forfeit your competition eligibility.

Students who no longer qualify for competitions will be asked to stop attending meetings until after competition season. If you are unable to meet the weekly minimum, you will not be able to keep up with the rest of the team and will be taking opportunities away from students who are able to make the commitment. However, this does not mean you are ineligible next year. Students are welcome to give the team another try the following school year! 

Event: Requirements:
District Events Minimum 8 hours per week - 48 Total Hours
MAR Championships 60 Total Hours and 2 days of districts
FRC Championships 80 Total Hours and allowed days of MAR Champs
  • Hour free Wednesday - We will not be logging hours on Wednesdays during build season. Students that show up to work are there knowing that time spent is not contributing to their hour count. This gives students an opportunity to schedule other responsibilities around build season without impacting their hour accumulation.
  • Attendance at events is subject to adviser approval & good academic standing. No late arrival or early leave for MAR Champs unless it is for another WHRHS event. No late arrival or early leave for FRC Champs. Permission Slips and other required documentation must be turned in on time!
  • Students attending MAR Championships will be split into two groups. One group will attend Thursday, the second will attend Friday, and all eligible for the event will attend Saturday.
    • Drive team and captains will attend all three days of MAR Championships.
  • There is a 20-25 member cap for FRC Championships. The 20-25 students with the most hours will be given 1st opportunity.

Do not stop logging build season hours after you hit the 80 hour mark.

Specific situations that arise during build season which impact a student’s hours/eligibility will be addressed on a case by case basis at the discretion of team advisers and school administrators.

Identify the total amount of hours you have acquired during build season by finding your ID# in the table below.
Your accumulated hours will be displayed with a specific color. Those colors signify the following:

  • Missed 8 hour weekly requirement = Red
  • Currently meeting requirements for districts = Yellow
  • 60+ = Blue (Eligible for MAR Champs)
  • 80+ and Top 25 on list = Green (Qualify for FRC Champs)

Remember, the hour stipulation is only part of the eligibility process. You must meet all requirements for trip attendance.


*If you are currently attending a build season meeting, the total will not include accumulated time since you have logged in. This time will be added to the total at the end of the meeting.