Are you ready for Build Season?

You will find your name in the spreadsheet below if you are cleared to start logging hours for build season. This means that you have accepted the rules & regulations and have completed your STIMS/MAR consent and release forms. If you do not see your name below, use the following instructions to get on the list! Please note that I will be updating this spreadsheet daily. It will not update automatically.

Build Season Sign-Up – Due no later than Jan. 3rd – Don’t procrastinate!

You must complete the build season sign-up form in its entirety to have your ID active for logging hours. The check in / check out system will only generate a Username for you after you finish the following instructions.

Do not submit a response to the build season sign-up form until all requirements are actually complete. This includes your parent/guardian consent release for STIMS and MAR forms! If you are unsure, I can check to see if you are cleared. Use your WHRHS ID # for all required paperwork and forms!

STIMS / MAR instructions

**You will not have access to apply to MAR until I accept your application. I will check regularly. If you can’t complete this part while you are applying, go back to it later on to see if the option is available.

Build season sign-up

 **To be completed after STIMS/MAR application is complete.