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  • Q296 Glued Bumper corners February 25, 2020
    Q296: Can the corners of bumpers be glued together? It is not listed as an example or alternative. A: Thank you, please see [Team Update 15]( If that doesn't answer your question, please rephrase and resubmit. (Asked by 2468 at Feb 25th 20)
  • Q325 G17 Clarification February 25, 2020
    Q325: G17 gives an exception for ROBOTS intersecting their ALLIANCE‚ÄôS RENDEZVOUS POINT during the ENDGAME. Does this mean any part of the robot, even extensions beyond the frame perimeter? Most other rules have to do with bumper intersections, but this one states ROBOT instead. If indeed it is any part of the robot, is it […]
  • Q324 Use of large pneumatic cylinders February 25, 2020
    Q324: R77 allows "Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic linear actuators, and rotary actuators". And R75.B requires items to be rated at least 70 psi when installed downstream. I don't see any other rules addressing the size and power of pneumatic actuators. Our design includes two 2-inch diameter pneumatic pistons, each with a throw of 24 inches. The […]
  • Q323 Is Pneumatic Pre-Charging Allowed February 25, 2020
    Q323: R80 requires pressurized air to be supplied on-board. But two rules seem to indicate that the storage tanks may be charged prior to the start of a match. R39.A lists "compressed air stored in the pneumatic system that has been charged in compliance with R79 and R80" as an allowable source of energy that […]