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  • Team Avatar Submission System January 15, 2018
    As announced in a previous blog post, FIRST Robotics Competition teams will be allowed to create and submit Team Avatars that will be used to represent their teams during the FIRST POWER UP season. Today we're proud to announce that the Team Avatar submission system is now open! 
  • Some Metrics and a New Contest January 11, 2018
    In FIRST Robotics Competition, we use some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep track of the season and measure community response to the game. Some of these measures may be a bit subjective, but things seem to be going well so far:
  • You’ve Got Questions, We’ve got Answers, and Team Updates January 9, 2018
    The FIRST Robotics Competition Q&A opens tomorrow Wednesday, January 10th, at Noon Eastern Time. The Q&A is the place to ask your questions about the game and get official answers. You can also use it to ask questions about the Event Rules.
  • Kickoff! January 9, 2018
    I hope everyone enjoyed Kickoff this year. I know I did. We had a huge crowd at the Manchester Kickoff and they were excited; lots of smiles and energy!


  • Q97 The answer to Q6 informs that "the box tubing is part of the RUNG" Yet 3.3.2 conflict this January 15, 2018
    Q97: If the 2 in box tubing is part of the rung can we get 3.3.2 to read something like: RUNGS consist of a 1 ft. 1 in. (~33 cm) long 1 ¼ in. Schedule 40 aluminum pipe {INCLUDING THE} support{ING} 2 in. (~5 cm) box tubing. The current way many of us are reading […]
  • Q94 Levitation and touching carpet January 15, 2018
    Q94: Levitate has been activated. Robot A has climbed. Robot B is on platform with ramp touching carpet in platform zone. Robot C is fully supported by robot B with robot C's bumper 12" higher than the Platform.. Robot B’s ramp remains in contact with the carpet and would not violate R24 if robot B […]
  • Q143 Does the exclusion of minor protrusions pertain to height? January 15, 2018
    Q143: Does the exclusion of minor protrusions in the starting configuration (R02) in the horizontal directions pertain to the vertical dimensions? For example, would a bolt head protruding above 55" be acceptable? A: No, the exception for minor protrusions in !R02 applies to the determination of FRAME PERIMETER only and does not apply to any […]
  • Q78 G22 and Q56, Nudging clarification January 15, 2018
    Q78: We'd appreciate clarification on the definition of Nudging (G22H) vs. Herding (G22B). If a robot placing a cube on their alliance's scale plate, strategically uses that cube to push a previously placed cube back the full width of a cube, would that be considered Nudging or a violation of G22? A: Given that the […]