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  • Q424 Rule R35 Motor Modification March 22, 2019
    Q424: R35 states that "motors must not be modified". With respect to the KOP BOSCH seat motor, would replacement of the internal gears manufactured with a different material but otherwise identical, be considered a modification if the new gears have the same form, fit and function? A: The first part of !R35 ("The integral mechanical […]
  • Q423 Closing off part of pneumatic system to pre-load a game piece then manually reopening March 22, 2019
    Q423: Is it within the rules to manually close off, depressurize, then reopen one section of a pneumatic system using manual valves while on the field in order to pre-load a game piece? Alternatively, is it within the rules to vent prior to loading then re-pressurize while on the field? To clarify, the compressor would […]
  • Q421 Are the Vex 393 motors legal this year? March 20, 2019
    Q421: In the past it has been legal to use the Vex 393 motors however they seem to not be listed in table 10-1. Why was the 393 motor removed for the legal list as it is rated for 12v. Reference link for mentioned motor: A: Rules from previous *FIRST* Robotics Competition seasons are […]
  • Q420 Are stickers considered COTS items? March 20, 2019
    Q420: For purposes of being in compliance with all ROBOT rules that pertain to COTS items, are decorative stickers that are provided via the KOP, via a sponsor, or purchased from a VENDOR, considered to be COTS items? A: Yuppers. (Asked by 900 at Mar 20th 19)