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  • Q72 R12 and Software Costs December 6, 2019
    Q72: Team A wishes to use experimental robot control software which has a yearly licensing cost of $10,000. They write a letter to solicit sponsorship from the company producing that software and receive the software as a donation for their team. The software is then used in part to control the robot on the field, […]
  • Q84 Thank you and Happy Holidays! December 5, 2019
    Q84: Team A wishes to thank the anonymous FIRST staff members answering the Q&A but lacks any method to get in touch with them and express their gratitude directly. Would Team A using the Q&A system to thank those staff members for releasing portions of the manual early as well as generously taking their time […]
  • Q83 Preparation to display a Bill of Material? December 5, 2019
    Q83: Per the Blue Box for R11, the language says that "teams must be prepared to display a Bill of Material (BOM) to Inspectors during Inspection". Is it optional for an inspector to request the bill of materials be displayed? Is it sufficient for teams to only "be prepared" to display it? The text references […]
  • Q82 Pre-Kickoff rules and Blue Boxes December 5, 2019
    Q82: In past years, there has been a rule which states that language in blue boxes does not carry the same weight as the actual rule. Since blue boxes are present and seem to be working in addition to many of the rules, providing definitions and additions that aren't in the preceding rules with these […]