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  • Q162 R37: Electromagnet usage in FRC January 17, 2019
    Q162: Our team is considering use of a small electromagnet in our robot design. Does R34 or R37 cover this device? An electromagnet is an electric solenoid, but is not an actuator. If R34 applies, it will have to meet the 10 W/12V requirments of an electrical solenoid acutator. If R37 applies, it would fit […]
  • Q156 Meeting R6 with either hardware or software January 17, 2019
    Q156: According to R4, both hardware and software constraints are satisfactory solutions to meeting R4. Using that same logic, would both hardware and software solutions be satisfactory ways of preventing a robot from launching a hatch panel further than 3 feet in competition, and in doing so complying with R6? A: We believe !Q148 answers […]
  • Q148 Programming vs Mechanical limitations in reagard to launching HATCH PANELS January 17, 2019
    Q148: Q142 asks about code limiting mechanical capability and the same logic extends to HATCH PANEL throwing. Robots must not be designed to shoot HATCH PANELS 3ft beyond the frame perimeter per R6. If the robot has the possibility of allowing the HATCH PANEL to travel 3ft beyond the frame perimeter mechanically, yet due to […]
  • Q153 Fair Market Value January 17, 2019
    Q153: Follow up question to Q128 and the Update to R4 in Team Update 3: If a team purchases a damaged COTS computing device for a reduced rate that can be verified by multiple vendors at the same price point (say, $400) and a replacement for the damaged component for $100, is the Fair Market […]