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  • Q392 Bumper Zone March 15, 2018
    Q392: Re Q385 - if the plywood had been relieved 1/4" to accommodate the brackets (plywood now against frame) would it have been acceptable? 5" x 2.5" (+/-) x 0.25" A: !R30-A does permit small clearance pockets or access holes in the BUMPER backing, however these would not effect the legality of any BUMPER design […]
  • Q385 KOP Bumper Brackets as "Minor Protrusions" or "Frame Perimeter" March 15, 2018
    Q385: We competed at the Utah Regional where we watched a team fail inspection per R03 as their use of the KOP (am-3674) bumper mounting brackets were declared greater than ¼”, not a minor protrusion and caused their robot frame perimeter to exceed the maximum starting configuration. Will these bumper brackets be consistently declared as […]
  • Q393 Question regaurding Cube Possesion March 13, 2018
    Q393: Hello, If we were to use another cube to force the cube in our possession of our intake up would this be considered a double cube possession foul? A: We cannot comment absolutely on whether or not this action would be a violation of !G22. The ultimate decision would be determined by the REFEREES […]
  • Q394 Maximum Crate Size March 13, 2018
    Q394: The 2018 Shipping Crate Construction document specifies in the sizing information section that crates may not be more than 60" high. However, the same document also specifies in the construction information section that the crate must "'Sit' on 2 pieces of 4" x 4" lumber". Does the 60" height limit include the two pieces […]