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  • Q398 G25 "Repeated" clarification March 19, 2018
    Q398: The gray text in G25 says that "Repeated or extended violations" may result in yellow or red cards. What is the definition of "repeated or extended"? My question mainly is asking if "repeated" transcends individual matches and applies if a robot violates the rule once in one match and once in another. Additionally, could […]
  • Q397 Is R22 the 30lb Withholding Allowance per Event or Season March 19, 2018
    Q397: Can we have 30lbs of withholding allowance for a 1st event and then another 30lbs with different items for a 2nd event? A: Yes, the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE for each event a Team participates in may be unique. However, for each event, the total WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE is 30 pounds. (Asked by 5507 at Mar 19th […]
  • Q396 Can a coach operate the exchange rollers? March 19, 2018
    Q396: May a Coach operate the rollers on the exchange if they never come into contact with a powercube? A: There are no rules prohibiting a COACH from operating the conveyor rollers. (Asked by 1712 at Mar 19th 18)
  • Q395 Bumpers plywood backing and hardware March 19, 2018
    Q395: Is it permissible to route a shallow pocket (1/8" deep X 1" wide X length of bumper) in the backside of the plywood backing of a bumper to inset a piece of aluminum angle permanently attached to the bumper? The aluminum angle is used to mount the bumper to the robot and insetting it […]