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  • Q340 Bumper/Ball Sanitation March 11, 2020
    Q340: Would we be allowed to apply ample amounts of sanitizer to bumpers and or power cells, in order to ensure proper sanitation of the field? A: Teams may use sanitizers on their ROBOT BUMPERS if they do not leave a residue, but there will be no opportunity to sanitize individual POWER CELLS. As always […]
  • Q339 Are electro magnets legal? March 9, 2020
    Q339: Can we use electro magents to hold our intake system in an upright position so it stays inside the frame restrictions? A: An electromagnet that operates without causing readily discernible motion would not be considered an actuator and would therefore not need to meet the requirements of !R27. Such a device would be considered […]
  • Q338 2019 formatted code in 2020? March 9, 2020
    Q338: Are we allowed to use wpilib library 2019 for the 2020 frc game? A: There are no rules that require a specific version of WPILib. To ask questions about how this would work, please visit the [FIRST Forums]( (Asked by 8262 at Mar 9th 20)
  • Q337 H1 and ROBOT mounted passive signaling devices March 5, 2020
    Q337: H1 prohibits the use of passive signaling devices in the ARENA by DRIVE TEAMS that, to a reasonably astute observer, mimic the vision targets used on the FIELD. Does this restriction also prohibit such devices mounted on a ROBOT? A: !H1 does not restrict the use of such a device on a ROBOT. !R8 […]