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  • Q449 Recording conversations with event staff? April 11, 2019
    Q449: Are there any rules that prevent teams from recording conversations and meetings with event staff? Can teams record the drivers' meeting held at each event? Can teams record conversations held in the question box? It's my understanding that both of these are conversations held in public without any reasonable expectation of privacy so they […]
  • Q448 Unbagging to accomodate shipping April 9, 2019
    Q448: Our team bagged the robot at the end of district championships with the bumpers on. We are unable to fit the robot in the crate with the bumpers on. Is it acceptable to unbag the robot to reconfigure the robot for shipping, so long as we do no maintenance work on it? A: No, […]
  • Q446 Robot Interference from fieldside volunteers. April 8, 2019
    Q446: Rules H1, R9, and R100 provide protections against DRIVE TEAM members, ROBOTs, and OPERATOR CONSOLEs as potential sources of interference to robots and their sensor systems. Are there any protections against similar interference from fieldside volunteers? Does interference through these sources warrant a field fault? For example, our vision system received interference from a […]
  • Q445 Hatch panel partially supported by hook and loop tape but fully supported by rocket April 8, 2019
    Q445: I know Q377 is similar but this weekend we were informed of a different rule being told to HRs in the Head Ref digest. For a hatch panel to be scored does it need to be "fully supported by the hook and loop tape" or does it only need to be "partially supported by […]