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  • Q63 Is "as purchasable from a vendor" a general principle when determining FMV? November 12, 2019
    Q63: Should the criterion "as purchasable from a vendor" always be used when establishing the FMV of a component for the purposes of meeting Budget Constraints & Fabrication Schedule rules? A: We believe this question will be answered when the full manual is published at Kickoff. If that's not the case, please rephrase and resubmit. […]
  • Q62 Regarding R15 - using previous robot designs. November 12, 2019
    Q62: Can a team use a robot design such as an elevator design from one of their previous robots if they have not publicly published the CAD and coding files? (Built from scratch – not using previous parts) Is the answer different if the team makes some minor design revisions such as the type of […]
  • Q61 KOP value parity for teams accepting additional game pieces with KOP shipment November 12, 2019
    Q61: Some international teams face delays and high shipping costs for game pieces post-Kickoff and are offered additional game pieces with KOP shipment at a cost of 50% FIRST Choice credits. This is great however it will negatively affect Robot Cost Accounting for these teams because they now have several hundred dollars less of $0 […]
  • Q59 Scope of allowable manufacturer-specified pre-kickoff mods to COTS components November 12, 2019
    Q59: R14.E.ii allows "assembly" of COTS components "per manufacturer specs" prior to kickoff. Would other activities such as (a) repair, (b) configuration changes, and (c) replacement of user-replaceable components be considered "assembly" if these activities are performed in accordance with manufacturer instructions? [Followup to Q52. Related to Q58.] A: As long as all other rules […]