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  • Q49 Q48 followup - MECHANISM : MAJOR MECHANISM :: duck : waterfowl ? October 4, 2019
    Q49: Can you please clarify what is meant by "MAJOR MECHANISM is a superset of MECHANISM"? A: Apologies; !Q48 has been corrected. MAJOR MECHANISM : MECHANISM :: duck : waterfowl (as in all MAJOR MECHANISMS are MECHANISMS, but not all MECHANISMS are MAJOR MECHANISMS). (Asked by 2363 at Oct 4th 19)
  • Q50 Follow up to Q46 October 4, 2019
    Q50: With the updated definition of ROBOT in Team Update 0.3, what constitutes "movement about the field"? Would a machine designed to move in only one dimension (for example, climbing upwards with no drivetrain to enable horizontal movement about the field) meet this definition? Would a robot that's designed to be completely stationary, but produce […]
  • Q46 Follow up to Q44 - can non-ROBOT's be entered into competition? October 3, 2019
    Q46: Q44 touched on some important aspects, but one part isn't clear. If a team does not include a drive train on their machine, it is not a ROBOT or a "Robot"... but is it allowed to be entered into the competition? C5 limits the number of ROBOTS that can be entered, but says nothing […]
  • Q42 Ez. Hosting Teams NOT competing, subject to Ez? October 3, 2019
    Q42: An extension to Q40. Are hosting teams, that are NOT competing, and their school or team owned resources subject to all limitations outlined in Ez? [To put into context (a) open our machine shop for competing teams repairs - completed by our workshop staff while (b1) also using the workshop to work on the […]