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  • Week Zero and Dean’s List February 13, 2019
    Are you ready for the first matches of Destination: Deep Space Presented by The Boeing Company? Tune in Saturday, February 16 from 9am to 3:30pm ET for some sweet robot action to our Twitch channel! Don't forget that Dean's List nominations are due Thursday, February 14 at 3pm ET!
  • 2019 Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct February 11, 2019
    Congratulations to FIRST Robotics Competition Team 846, The Funky Monkeys, from San Jose, California, USA, for winning the 2019 Digital Animation Award sponsored by Automation Direct!
  • Update on Youth Registration February 4, 2019
    Be sure to register through our Youth Registration System! Details below!
  • Deadlines! January 31, 2019
    The Chairman's Award and the Woodie Flowers Award are due Thursday, February 7 at 3 PM EASTERN TIME. That's next week! The Dean's List Award is due Thursday, February 14 at 3 PM EASTERN TIME. That's only two weeks!


  • Q333 Bumper Color February 15, 2019
    Q333: What is the color range which is considered red for the definition of BUMPER color in R28. Is maroon eligible for the bumper color? A: There is no formal definition of "red". If a product is sold as "red" or is visibly a shade of red it meets the requirements of !R28. Maroon is […]
  • Q329 Legality of Motor Controller Fans February 15, 2019
    Q329: Table 10-1 under R34 allows the use of " that are...part of legal motor controller". Is it legal to use a fan that is distributed as part of a legal motor controller without using the controller? E.g., would it be legal to detach the fan from a Victor 888 and use it on the […]
  • Q332 Can Pressure Vent Plug be placed on "working" side? February 15, 2019
    Q332: The Pressure Vent Plug is governed by R84 ("permitted"), R85 ("at least illustrated"), R88 ("may be in the high-pressure pneumatic circuit"), and R93 ("vent to the atmosphere to relieve all stored pressure in a reasonable amount of time...visible and easily accessible"). Aside from Figure 10-14, nothing appears to disallow having a single vent […]
  • Q330 Unbag robot to film reveal video February 15, 2019
    Q330: Are we allowed to unbag our robot after 2/19/2019 in order to film the robot for our reveal video? We would not have our drivers drive during this time. Could this fall under "demonstration purposes" as we will be sharing this video with sponsors, our local community, and other FRC teams? A: Yes, filming […]