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  • Safety Update January 20, 2020
    Exciting changes to the Safety experience, plus the Safety Animation Award Winner!
  • Paul George January 17, 2020
    Remembering Paul George.
  • FIRST Championship News and Reminders January 16, 2020
    Exciting news about the FIRST Championship schedule, plus some reminders about important dates coming up!
  • May the Avatars be with you, too January 10, 2020
    The 2020 Team Avatar submission system is now open, and we have some exciting news about Star Wars Avatars!


  • Q203 4.4.4 GENERATOR SWITCH Scoring January 22, 2020
    Q203: The Generator Switch untouched by any robots is still in level position at the End Game Period. Does the situation be regarded as "LEVEL" and be scored still? A: Please see Table 4-2: Point Values. Points are only awarded for the LEVEL condition if 1-3 ROBOTS on that ALLIANCE are also HANGING. (Asked by […]
  • Q200 Definition of "Reached" in the Chairman's Award Definitions January 22, 2020
    Q200: New for 2020, the Chairman's Award Definitions document provides several examples for the definition of "Reached". One is "700 people follow a team on Instagram. This team Reached people 700 people." If a social media tweet is retweeted by a much larger organization (e.g., FIRST, local news organization), how should we determine the number […]
  • Q201 Color Control Panel January 22, 2020
    Q201: When an alliance hits stage three, they will release a color to set the wheel too. What if the wheel is already on the color that is released? Do we need to spin the wheel? A: If you are the first alliance to reach Stage 3, the color will automatically be generated to a […]
  • Q194 Can a robot that never is outside its frame perimeter violate G25? January 22, 2020
    Q194: G25 has two clauses that are confusing. Clause 2 says "...ROBOTS that remain completely inside their own FRAME PERIMETER, ... are not in violation of this rule". I assume this is specifically in reference to such a robot contacting and damaging the exposed frame of robot with bumper gaps? And that a robot, completely […]