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  • Q29 Ey Exceptions September 18, 2019
    Q29: If a team is queued for a MATCH or Practice Field, can they produce FABRICATED ITEMS anywhere they like within the event venue? (i.e., in the stands, in the queue, on the Practice Field, etc.) A: Per Ey part C, a team is permitted to produce FABRICATED ITEMS in the queue or practice field […]
  • Q13 Start building after an event. September 18, 2019
    Q13: R16 says "Once an event a team is attending has begun the team may not work on their ROBOT or ROBOT elements outside of the hours that pits are open". There is no mention about what can happen after the event ends. Since there is no stop build does your first event effectively become […]
  • Q28 Definition of a Competition Team September 18, 2019
    Q28: Please define specifically what makes up a FRC Competition Team. Obviously it includes the students and mentors. How about the team sponsor and the team sponsor's engineers and the sponsors manufacturing facility personnel? A: We do not explicitly define who may be considered members of a *FIRST* Robotics Competition team, however, similar to the […]
  • Q30 Ey "Event Venue" Wording September 18, 2019
    Q30: Ey says "At the event venue, teams may only produce FABRICATED ITEMS as follows:". Provided that the pits are open by R16, can teams produce FABRICATED ITEMS outside of the event venue? A: Provided that the team is working at an acceptable time per R16, there are no rules preventing a team from producing […]