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  • Q414 G18 protection and Extensions allowed by G05 April 11, 2018
    Q414: As part of its climbing sequence, a robot extends part of itself into the volume under the SCALE ARMs and above the OUTRIGGER's outward faces. Is it permissible for the opposing alliance to contact them as they are no longer protected by G18? And does that robot get a yellow or red card for […]
  • Q415 G-16 Violation during Auto April 11, 2018
    Q415: We are concerned violating G-16 during autonomous will become commonplace, because, often, the penalty for violating G-16 during autonomous is inconsequential compared to advantage gained from disrupting the opponent from placing cubes on the scale during autonomous. This type of G-16 violation feels against to spirit of autonomous, so we are seeking clarification or […]
  • Q412 Championship Playoff Order of Placement April 11, 2018
    Q412: Per Section 4.1.2, an alliance may request alternating robot placement be enforced during match setup. During Playoffs, the order of placement is to be determined by the higher seeded alliance. How is the higher seeded alliance defined during the Championship Playoff Round Robin tournament? A: The Red Alliance is the higher seeded alliance, and […]
  • Q411 Specification of bumper material colors April 11, 2018
    Q411: We are using this fabric on our robot: We have used in the past, and other teams have used in the past, including at Champs. At CVR yesterday, an inspector told us they thought we have to make new bumpers as these are the wrong color for Champs, we have to use the […]