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  • We Got Game! And More! February 19, 2018
    Week Zero wrap up, plus some important game reminders. And Stop Build Day is almost here!
  • Week Zero February 16, 2018
    Week Zero is finally here! I can't wait to see FIRST POWER UP play for the first time! If you are hosting an event, make sure your scale has the outriggers attached!
  • Award Deadlines February 14, 2018
    Remember that submissions for the Dean's List and Entrepreneurship Award are due on Thursday, February 15 before 3pmĀ ET!
  • A Quick(ish) Reminder February 12, 2018
    Don't forget to use your Vouchers!


  • Q343 CAW for recycled materials donated to team February 19, 2018
    Q343: Our school was throwing away two projector screen frames, but we recyceled them to use on our robot. The frames are made up of 1" aluminum square tubing and plastic 90 degree corner brackets that insert into the ends of the square tubing. How should we account for this material on our CAW? Since […]
  • Q339 What is the hight, from the floor to the Power Up Buttons on the Vault? February 19, 2018
    Q339: Could you please tell us what the hight is, from the floor to the buttons, on the Vault? 3.6.3 does not address this and we have a little person on our drive team who will have to be prepared to press this button. Thanks for your time. A: Specific dimensions can be found in/derived […]
  • Q338 Is the technician able to pre-charge the pneumatic system in queue prior to match start? February 19, 2018
    Q338: Is the technician able to pre-charge the pneumatic system in queue prior to match start or does this have to be done in the pit? A: There are no rules that prohibit this, but please pay special attention to !S01. (Asked by 102 at Feb 19th 18)
  • Q340 Bumper Materials February 19, 2018
    Q340: R30 does not appear to prohibit the addition of metal to a bumper, as long as the wood backing the bumper is 3/4 in thick and pool noodles are correctly installed and covered. Would a team be allowed to add a metal piece on the bumpers to increase weight as long as the bumpers […]